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One mounting system for all applications! With DIBt® certification!


DIBt - Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik® has tested the complete DICONAL® PV-mounting system and approved and certified it for the instalation of solarsystem. All applications, all roof types, all products - DICONAL® meets the requirements for the installation of PV Systems. Because the complete System is certified we can combine elements to individual solutions without losing the DIBt® certification.

Module clamps

DICONAL® delivers all PV mounting solutions based on one module clamp. This reduces buying, storing and offers maximum flexibility in the combination with the bearing construction and the roof mounting.

Mounting profiles

The rack and the construction with mounting profiles from the DICONAL® system use the same patented connecting mechanism. One cross section design offers maximum flexibilty.

Roof attachment

The first step in the PV mounting on a pitched roof is the connection with the roof surface. DICONAL® The roof connectors are premounted with clamps ready to be installed on the substructure.

Installing solarpanels on all roof types

Pantiled / Slate roof

On pitched roofs with roof covering using tiles and slate we deliver matching roof hooks for every type of roof. DICONAL® PV - mounting system perfect roof mounting products.

Foil roof

On flat roofs with foil roof or bitumen roof two wind optimized products DICONAL® FD-S and FD-OW, a special roof protecting mounting solution for module widths from 1580 to 1660mm.

Standing seam roofs

Standing seam clamp for PV mounting

The DICONAL® PV-mounting system offers for all roofs with standing seam sheets the suitable standing seam clamp - for steel, zinc and aluminium roofs. For Kalzip® roofs we deliver the original clamp, premounted with our GH sliding support.

One PV-Mounting system for all applications

Pitched roof

Flat roof

Ground mount

Individual solutions

Pantile / slate coverings

Pitched roof installations on pantiled or slate coverings are connected with DICONAL® roof hooks and profile structures. DICONAL® offers premounted roof hooks with fast and easy to use profile connectors. Adjustable roof hooks and / or distance elements can help to compensate uneven roofs and allow a precise alignment of the profile base. In case cross connection is necessary the DICONAL® connectors are the same. When the profile base is done the patented module clamp allows a quick mounting of the modules. The complete DICONAL® system is certified with a DIBt® approval.

Sheet roofs

PV mounting on trapezoidal sheets with P30 short tracks

In dependence of the bearing capacitiy of the trapezoidal, corrugated, standing seam or sandwich roof the matching DICONAL® PV - mounting system can be used. werden. Short track P-30 oder sliding support GH.

Hanger bolts S-10 (wood) und S-08 (metal) are suitable for anchoring the installation to the roof construction. For Standing seam - and Kalzip® Aluminium roofs DICONAL® offers premounted standing seam clamps.

Foil or bitumen flatroof

On flatroofs withs foil or bitumen covering the DICONAL® flatroof systems FD-S and FD-OW offer possibilites to mount a solar installation without roofconnection - low ballast and wind optimised.

The universal elevation AS-1100 offers many combination options with all DICONAL® roof connections.

PV-Mounting - Products

Roof connection

On a pitched roof with pantiled, slate, or trapezoidal covering the DICONAL® PV-Mounting system offers roof connctors for an easy, secure, fixation of the solar installation.

Mounting profiles

On roof connectors or elevations the DICONAL® Mounting profiles offer a perfect base to mount solar modules. We offer a variety of small, light, large, wide reach or universal Mounting profiles.

Module clamps

PV Module clamps PV Module clamps

Our patented DICONAL® module clamp is used in all mounting solutions to fix the modules. Fast, easy, fixed!


Flachdach PV-Montagesystem FD-S Flachdach PV-Montagesystem FD-OW
PV-Freiland Montage

On flatroof of ground mount photovoltiak installations elevations make sure that the modules are mounted in the perfect angle to capture light from the sun. DICONAL® offers non penetrating roof systems FD-S and FD-OW, the universal system AS-1100 for all roof connections and GR for ground mount projects.


Metalldachplatte Musterkoffer Schraubfundeament Erdungsklemme
PV Montage Dünnblechschraube Ratsche + Maulschlüssel Sechskantschlüssel Profilabdeckkappe
Verbindungsklemme Kabelbinder Distanzplatten Blindniete

Product philosophy

The center of the DICONAL® mounting system is the patented connection technology used in module clamps and profile connectors. And this is supposed to stay that way. Our customers that purchased clamps, profiles and connectors for more that 11 years can rely on the fact that all mounting solutions use the same connection technology and are therefore compatibel. Nevertheless the system is constandly changing. We are continuosly working on optimizing. A part of this is perfectly addapted accessory parts. Because the right rivet, the perfect screw, a correct ground fixation, a metal roof plate ... all those elements can help our customers to save time on the construction and deliver a longlasting optimal product.